literature and science

the point of science and literature, their development over time. 

science and imagination&science and religion

science and fiction

Darwin, wvolution and literature

topic: what have you learned 

write an eaasy about what you have learned about the relationship between science and literature, the idea should be supported throughout the essey with texutual examples as appropriciate. I will looking for the ideas and examples. 

an organized argument consist of a central idea, a set of supporting examples with explanation and conclusion. 

5 pages. double spaced.

The first praragraph:

From the first week, we talk about the philosophers, also talks about the differences between science and literature. For the science is discovered, the literature is invented, the science is use to form hypothesis and ask questions. Science is closely to philosophy and religion, it use scientific theorems to explain everything. Philosophers more conceptual than the science, the literature are is lives, the writer can write the feeling and thinking thereof. Scientists and literature try to use the better seek understand the world. There are a lot of examples of science and literature, I know one in Chinese, the mo yan and physicist yang. In the class, we talk about the Aristotle, which is the first scientist in the science, he speck how invented for the science, he use the idea to tell people the difference between conception and evidence, the improvement in the scientific method increased inclination towards of observation and experiment in the life. This is what I wrote when I first definition between science and literature. After five weeks study, I learnt a lot. For the development of science and literature, we discuss the philosophers Darwin and Galileo. Darwin with evolution, and I know the person “Aristotle”, he was philosopher scientists of Greece, he written too much topics like physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics and government. He views on natural sciences represent and he is more likely to observation and discovery, he help to develop the scientist thinking and develop the observation and research. The Aristotle had a new improvement for the development of the literature and science, he explored the natural world with animals and recorded.

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