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A&P by (john updike) Writing Sample

in This assignment is designed to gauge your ability to closely read a literary text for important details and complexity. This assignment will result in three paragraphs on various aspects of “A&P” by John Updike. However, this will NOT be an essay.

Instructions: 1. After reading the short story “A&P,” write a well-developed paragraph for each of the

three writing prompts below.

  1. Write a well-developed paragraph that summarizes the plot of the story.

  2. Write a well-developed paragraph that interprets the text. Explain what the author’s essential message or theme is and provide textual evidence to support your interpretation.

  3. Write a well-developed paragraph that analyzes the story. Choose one or two literary elements (excluding plot) and demonstrate how they contribute to a deeper understanding of the story.

2. Formatting:

  1. Compose your paper using Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application, making use of spell check and grammar check.

  2. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.

  3. Double-space the paper with 1-inch margins.

  4. Include a cover sheet with a Running Head, and page numbers.

  5. Format and citations must use MLA 7th edition criteria. Consult the Easy Writer

    by Andrea Lunsford, 7th ed..

3. Submission:

  1. Save this assignment as “yourname_AP_writing_sample.doc.” (i.e., JohnSmith_AP_writing_sample.doc)

  2. Access the Assignments link located on the Course Menu to upload this assignment as an attachment to the A&P Writing Sample drop box.

    i need just one page and please do not give me any palagrism.

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