English homework

1. Complete the prewriting for the informative/positive news letter:

  • You may print the prewriting page and jot notes on it for yourself, or you may write notes on your own.
  • You do not have to submit prewriting for any points, but don’t skip this important step!

2. Complete a draft of the informative/positive news letter:

  • Choose one of the following human resource cases from Module 10 in your textbook: 10.13, 10.14, 10.16, or 10.17. (If the exercise says write a memo, write a letter. Also address your letter to a specific individual) Follow the format and tips from the online lesson.
  • Refer to page 146 in your textbook. Fig. 10.1 contains five boxes: main point, details, negatives, reader benefits, and goodwill ending.
  • Think of each one of these boxes as being an individual paragraph with the exception of the negatives.
  • Instead of an individual paragraph for the negatives, combine the negatives (if any exist) in with the reader benefits. Hence, your letter will contain four paragraphs:
    1. State the positive news. Summarize the main points (3-4 lines in length).
    2. Provide details and explain fully. Elaborate on the summary in the first paragraph (5-7 lines in length).
    3. Discuss benefits to the reader. If negatives exist, present them compactly in the middle of the paragraph and link the negatives with the reader benefits (5-7 lines in length).
    4. Goodwill ending. One or two positive, forward looking statements (2-3 lines in length).

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