English Outine Lab Assignment

Create an Outline Lab Report. This report will contain a title and the 5 elements of a lab report: Abstract, Introduction, Methods/Materials, Results, and Discussion. Our outline is going to be compiled of questions, instead of information. I understand that some of them might be repetitive, especially for Title and Introduction, and that’s ok. So for the 6 items I have listed above, you will create a list of questions. These questions are to be used to guide a writer into populating these sections, no matter what their topic is. This is your only homework for the week, besides reading the chapter. Upload your final product to the discussion board. I will provide an example below of what I’m talking about and the requirements:

You need to provide the total number of questions listed next to each section below, but I have provided a couple ideas for title and abstract to get you started. If my questions apply, you can use them, but you will obviously need to add more. Remember, keep it generic, so that these questions can be answered for any lab report. The purpose of this is that someone should be able to answer all of these questions and have a very rough draft for their report.

Example Questions:

Title (provide 5 questions)

1)    What are you studying?

2)    What is the location of your study?

3)    What time period are you studying?

Abstract (provide 10 questions)

  1. What is the topic of your lab report?
  2. What is the time period?
  3. Are other people involved in the study?
  4. What is the significance of the study?

Introduction (provide 10 questions)

Methods/Materials (provide 30 questions)

  1. What types of materials did you use?
  2. Do you use any unique materials?
  3. How is this experience different from others in the same field?
  4. Did you create a step-by-step list of your methods?

Results (provide 20 questions)

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