english question 364

the story: https://public.wsu.edu/~campbelld/amlit/nenun.html

answer the two questions individually.


Louisa looked at the old dog munching his simple fare, and thought of her approaching marriage and trembled. Still no anticipation of disorder and confusion in lieu of sweet peace and harmony, no forebodings of Caesar on the rampage, no wild fluttering of her little yellow canary, were sufficient to turn her a hairsbreadth. Joe Dagget had been fond of her and working for her all these years. It was not for her, whatever came to pass, to prove untrue and break his heart.



What’s going on here and why is it important?

“Not a word to say,” repeated Joe, drawing out the words heavily. Then there was a silence. ” I ain’t sorry,” he began at last, “that that happened yesterday—that we kind of let on how we felt to each other. I guess it’s just as well we knew. Of course I can’t do anything any different. I’m going right on an’ get married next week. I ain’t going back on a woman that’s waited for me fourteen years, an’ break her heart.”

” If you should jilt her to-morrow, I wouldn’t have you,” spoke up the girl, with sudden vehemence.

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