english report proposal

Proposal Assignment


Learning Objectives:

Ø  To analyze audiences and write to specific audiences in diverse situations

Ø  To think about proposals as persuasive documents

Ø  To practice writing a proposal that can be used in your report

The Assignment: 

Clearly identify a problem that you feel needs to be solved and relates to your report. Write a proposal offering a solution to the problem.  

  1. Although your proposal would normally be external, use a memo format.
  2. Make sure you address the audience you intend to present your proposal to (memo style).  
  3. Research your topic.
  4. Determine how best to have your proposal accepted. Then organize and draft the most effective proposal you can create keeping your audience in mind. Remember that all proposals should be absolutely free of any errors that may suggest a lack of professionalism or a lack of attention to detail.
  5. The proposal should be a minimum of three full pages and should meet the requirements set forth in Chapter 13. 
  6. For help: see Chapter 13, page 430-435; Figure 13-2thru5.Format your proposal using the following suggestions:

a.     Introduction clearly states problem

b.     Introduction summarizes proposal solution

c.     Background Information explaining extent of the problem: this should contain your research; include citations that identify sources of information in MLA or APA style.

d.     Proposed Solution

e.     Explanation of proposed solution

f.      Breakdown of costs (if any)

g.     Required Staff (if appropriate)

h.    Conclusion that restates recommendation

i.      Conclusion closes with spirit of cooperation

  1.  Your proposals must contain a works cited list (please use MLA format unless your area of study uses an alternate citation format).

*the pdf file attached has an example of how the report proposal is supposed to look please edit the format according to that*


*12pt font single spaced*

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