environmental assignment 4


For this assignment, your goal is to read Chapters 1 and 2 of the book Flooded.


To receive participation credit (50 points total), we will be discussing the first two chapters virtually using the discussion board. Your points will be awarded as follows:

1.) Posting your reaction on the discussion board- In a single discussion board posting;

  • Summarize the chapters in your own words in three or less sentences that demonstrated that you have read the first two chapters (15 points)
  • In your own words in no more than three sentences, tell the group what your reactions to the first two chapters are (15 points)

2.) Post a response to the discussion of someone else;

– Respond to the post of another person in 2-3 sentences to let them know your respectful reaction to their post. Do you agree with their sentiments? Have alternative thoughts? Other? (20 points)

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