Write an essay on the below topic:

Challenges faced by Financial Managers in a Changing Economic Environment

Your essay should critically asses the challenges faced by financial managers due to changes in the macroeconomic environment and how these impact businesses operations. Emphasize how there are consequences related to changes in strategies and priorities and in the way the departments adjust.

The paper should: 

  • Be based on your reading and research relevant to the topic.

  • Be 5 to 6 double-spaced pages, not including the title page, executive summary, appendices, exhibits, and references.

  • Include a one-page Executive Summary immediately following the title page that includes a statement of the major issue(s) and your conclusions and specific recommendations. The content of an Executive Summary is similar to an abstract. 

  • Properly cite reference sources: these may include course material, information from magazines, journals, and online sources. All reference sources must have a publication date within the last fifteen years. Students who wish to use an older source publication should contact the instructor with the request and reason. 

  • The writing style must follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. Citations for online sources should include the online address (URL) and access date as well as the citation for the specific reference. 

    ESSAY 2

    Research and write a 8-10 page paper, double-spaced, on the topic of your choice. Your paper should show how your topic is associated/interacts/conflicts/supports or detracts with Homeland Security. Some potential topics are listed below:

    (A) Separation of Powers;

    (B) Native American Policy / Tribal Affairs;

    (C) Suspension of Habeas Corpus;

    (D) Military Tribunals;

    (E) Enemy Combatants;

    (F) Renditions/Torture;

    (G) Domestic Intelligence Operations;

    (H) Foreign Intelligence Operations;

    (I) Domestic Military Operations / NORTHCOM / Posse Comitatus;

    (J) Foreign Military Operations;

    (K) War on Drugs;

    (L) Immigration;

    (M) Street Gangs;

    (N) Transnational Crime

    (O) Right to Bear Arms/Second Amendment;

    (P) Supremacy clause / States’ rights

    (Q) Mexico

    (R) Canada

    (S) Terrorism

    (T) CBRNE

    (U) Pandemics

    (V) Natural Disasters

    (W) Cybersecurity

    Your points will be allocated on the following criteria:

    Articulation of thesis or hypothesis;
Framing and development of argument;
Offering creative and/or critical opinions;
Forming logical arguments and conclusions;
Identifying and discussing counter-arguments;
Use of supporting and credible documentation;
Expressing yourself clearly and concisely;
Grammar and compliance with APA (6th edition).
Recommended template for paper: Background (Brief overview of subject discussed in paper. For example, if my topic was about criminal street gangs, in this section I’d discuss what street gangs are and what problems they create for society.)

    a. Hypothesis (Statement of question that you seek to answer in your paper. For example, Does the transnational scope of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) pose a threat to homeland security? Thesis (Statement that will be proven, for example, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) poses a threat to homeland security due to its transnational scope.

    b. Analysis (This section comprises the majority of the paper. In this section you’ll argue your position. You can use source commentary, scientific studies, anedotes, and/or statistics to support your position as well as to identify counter-arguments.)

    c. Conclusion (In this section, you’ll summarize the issues and your findings)

    For each one, required 3-5 references.

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