essay about quot how to increase one s happiness quot 2 to 3 pages and the last page must be works cited page

– writing style: MLA format

– I want the essay to be like high school student writing .

– the essay should be 5 paragraphs with in 2 to 3 pages max and the work cited page.

– Must include at least one source in each one of the three body paragraphs so the total sources should be 3 .

– I already wrote the thesis statement so I want it to be included in the essay. exactly, it should be the last sentence in the introduction.

Thesis statement: increasing one’s happiness can happen through plenty of things, such as, being socialize, smiling, and doing what one’s most passionate about.

1- first paragraph should be the introduction about ” how to increase one’s happiness” + including the thesis above. it should be the last sentence.

2- first body paragraph should be about ” being socialize” + include one source

3- second body paragraph should be about ” smiling” + include one source

4- third body paragraph should be about ” doing what one’s most passionate about” + include one source

5- the last paragraph should be the conclusion. ” don’t forget to rewrite the thesis and paraphrase it. it should be in the begging of the conclusion.

– the last page should be the works cited page in MLA format as well.

thank you.

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