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Choose one of the following prompts. In a 3 to 7 page essay answer all the questions, and thoroughly explain what is necessary. Your objective is to demonstrate that you understand the subject matter and that you can present it in a clear way. You are also asked to provide your opinion on some of the subjects. Your job is not merely to provide your opinion, but to provide well reasoned support for it as well. Term Paper will be due at the Beginning of Class on July 17. I will only accept a Hard Copy. The paper is worth 55 points and will be graded as follows:

Clarity:15 points

Grammar: 5 points

Answer Questions: 30 points

Argument: 5 points

1) According to Hume, what are the two perceptions of the mind? What are the two objects of human reason? What is our reasoning regarding ‘matters of fact’ based on? Explain Hume’s argument for why beliefs based on inductive reasoning can’t be justified. What is Hume’s solution to this problem? Do you agree with him? Why, or why not?

2) What is the JTB account of knowledge? How do Gettier’s counter examples show that JTB is not an adequate account of knowledge? How is the Tracking Theory of Knowledge meant to account for knowledge in the face of Gettier’s cases against JTB? Do you agree that the Tracking Theory is an adequate account of knowledge? Why, or why not?

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