essay on cpanel


How many pages should the paper be?
No more than 11 pages. This includes all pages (e.g., table of contents, executive summary, references, tables, and figures.) The only page that it does not include is the cover page.

My topic will be what is c-panel and why is it needed?


be prepared in accordance with GEB 6215 guidelines.

Microsoft Word supports Document property data fields. The following fields should be completed as follows:

Author: Lastname_FirstName (e.g., Blitz_Jane)
Title: the title of your paper. This field should be left blank for the final.
Category: this should be either “Final” or “Term Paper” (without the quotes).


On the first line of both the term paper and final, include the following statement, along with your Student Z number: “I understand that simply forgetting to include quotes is considered plagiarism in FAU, and that many students have been disciplined for forgetting to include quotes.”

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