essay stress

-APA format with in-text citations and reference page when appropriate. (Cover page, header and abstract are not required). 2-3 pages, double spaced, New Times Roman 10pt font.

Please watch this video (56min)

Both stressful life events and genetic factors make unique contributions to depression. Stress aggravates virtually all mental disorder symptoms.

Interestingly, the stressful life events that were found to be most strongly associated with depression were mainly interpersonal in nature (death of a close relative, serious marital problems, divorce/break-up, and assault), highlighting the importance of relationship factors in risk for depression.

We cannot change a genetic factor but we can change how we handle stress. Answer the following questions in your essay.

Q1: What do you do to moderate your response to stress?

Q2: What else could you do to lessen your stress response?

Q3: Summarize what you learned and found interesting in the video?

Q4: Which mental illness or disorders are aggravated by stress?

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