Explore the viewpoints of a particular essay in Patterns. Once you settle on a topic, research a perspective and write a 3-4 page (not including the works cited page) persuasive essay about a particular viewpoint. Integrate research on the opposing perspective of the same topic. Consider the two sides of an argument when choosing your topic, and argue for and against your chosen topic in the essay, always remembering to bring in counter-arguments. The goal of this essay is to question your own thinking, especially on what is “right” and what is “wrong”, and why. Refer to Rules for Writingand Patterns on constructing and evaluating arguments.

An exemplary persuasive essay will:

• have a coherent persuasive structure,• engage with the chosen supplemental texts through specific discussion of particular passages or quotes,• attend to grammar, spelling, appropriate punctuation, and appropriate citation.

MLA format is required, including in-text citations and a works cited page. 

Must include two sources (one being a Patternsessay), and the other source must be approved by the instructor.

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