Ethics research paper

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Students are required to write a position paper that integrates concepts learned from textbook and critical readings upon a real-life or hypothetical issue. The paper must state your personal ethical position, but what is a position? A position paper is about taking a position (“I agree / disagree,” “I feel,” “I think”) and is supported with evidence from the references. Ask yourself these types of questions and begin to formulate a writing outline. What is your ethical stand? What is the right ethical position for you, what has shaped your view and why will you be able to stand by it? For example, you can write a paper that questions your ethical position about a relevant topic that you may consider yourself substantially knowledgeable, say, “genome editing” or “space exploration” or “virtual currency”. Your paper would argue why you should support/reject the topic in question considering related social, ethical and legal aspects. This paper must be seen as an opportunity to get in touch with the inner workings of your views about the topic. You have a position on the topic, state it, and tell why it is important and why it is important to others that are around you to maintain a steady point of view regarding ethics and ethical reasoning. Will that ever change? Why would it change? Are your views flexible or rigid? Why or why not?

The ethical position paper has three deliverables:

a) Abstract (due at the end of Module 2): A 50-100 words abstract of the big idea that you intend to

develop as your ethical position paper.

b) Revised Abstract and Paper outline (due at the end of Module 3): A revised abstract and an

outline of the ethical position paper to help understand about the overall structure in which you

would be developing your full paper.

c) Full paper (due at the end of Module 6): The final draft of the full paper

The length of the final paper should be at least 5-7 pages of text in APA format and consistent with APA grammar conventions. The Title and Reference pages are not part of the 5-7 pages count. Use Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 headings/sub-headings as needed. The minimum Level 1 headings should include an introduction, a background that sets the reader up and connects the ideas of the writer. There should be a conclusion as well. The other mandatory Level 1 Heading will be for the reference page. See the OWL for more information on headings. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER STYLE THAN APA. At the end, be sure to include external and in-text citations (listed below) in the reference section.

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