evaluation of best source assignment 1

Instructions: Save this file as a Word document, type your answer to each question in the document, and upload the completed evaluation in Word to Canvas. You must use your own words. Do not copy or paraphrase the source abstract.

  1. Citation in proper MLA format. Proofread your citation, especially if you used a database or book catalog Cite feature.
  1. Date of source. If the source is more than 5 years old, explain why it is still relevant to your topic.
  1. Type of source (academic journal article, popular news article, web site, book, or other type of source).
  1. Purpose of source: In 1 to 2 sentences, explain why this source was written (to persuade, inform, or prove something).
  1. Intended audience (scholars, general public, or practitioners in a specific field).
  1. Author: List the credentials of the source’s author(s), organization or sponsoring agency, including current job, area of expertise, focus of other publications, organizational mission, and/or any other information that make her/him/it qualified to write the source.
  1. Summary: In 8-10 sentences, explain:
  • What is the main argument, hypothesis and/or points of information of the source?
  • What is the main conclusion of the source?
  1. Accuracy and Reliability: In 10-12 sentences, explain:
  • What kinds of evidence (statistics, quotes, studies, etc.) are used to support the source’s argument or main points?
  • If the author gives their point of view, what evidence is given for taking that point of view?
  • Are there credible references? How do you know their credible? If there is no bibliography or references, explain why the source is still reliable.
  • Which of your other sources verify the information in this source (come to the same conclusion as this source)?
  • Which of your other sources counteract this source, and come to a different conclusion?
  1. Value and Usefulness: In 8-10 sentences, explain:
  • Why is this source your best source?
  • What is your final research question and how does this source help you answer your research question?
  • Does this source have any limitations (influences the researcher cannot control)?
  • What are two or three specific pieces of information you learned from this source?

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