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There’s nothing too crazy complex here again…just a little set of pages to read from AWR, and a few sets of exercises to complete out of that text.  I know exercises like these don’t magically make your own writing perfect in form, but I am selecting these particular areas for you to look at because they are the grammatical issues that I see most often within your writing for me thus far, and I hope having you look at them may make you a little more aware of potential grammatical pitfalls you may be committing.  It’s not just busywork for no particular reason, believe it or not!

So, without further ado, please read pages 133-136 and 140-150, and please complete the following sets of exercises.  The associated pages of instruction and the exercise instructions get more mechanical/technical than I prefer to get with grammatical instruction, but these are issues I am seeing in your essays, so I figured it is worth having you check these things out and work with them a little bit.

EXERCISE S1-1 on page 136 (This is in Section S1-c.)

EXERCISE S3-1 on page 143 (This is in Section S3-d.)

EXERCISE S3-6 on page 146 (This is in Section S3-e.)

EXERCISE S4-1 on page 147 (This is in Section S4-a.)

EXERCISE S4-3 on page 148 (This is in Section S4-b.)

EXERCISE S4-6 on page 151 (This is in Section S4-5.)

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