excel report 3

Your assignment is to prepare a report for Dr. W, Director of Institutional Research at XXX University. The purpose of the project is to provide Dr. W some recommendations on how to improve the likelihood of student success for the freshman class at XXX University.

The following file contains a real dataset, collected from the college freshman students in the first two weeks after they enter the university, that you will use for your analysis.

1. Introduction (approximately 200 words)

2. The dataset contains ten measurements of student readiness for college in columns B-K. The description of each one of them is available in the file.

3. To analyze this data, you need to create additional columns and recode the data, making low a 1, moderate, a 2, and High a 3 (you can use an IF function to do this). In this format, the highest the number, the more prepared the student is.

4. Once the data is recorded, prepare a table in ascending order of the average for each of these ten measurements.

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