exercise goals and plan discussion nutritional considerations with exercise and extra credit exercise

Exercise Goals and Plan Discussion

1) Assess your exercise levels based on current guidelines. Also, take a look at your family history and your current disease risk. What was your BMI and waist risk (do not provide us with this information – only a summation of risk or no risk)?

2) Set a concrete goal, using SMART goal format:

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable/achievable

R – realistic

T – time-frame

3) Develop a specific plan:

  • A balanced fitness program will include three key types of activities: aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility
  • Use FITT principle:
    • Frequency, number of days per week
    • Intensity, how hard you work, heart rate, resistance
    • Time, how long is each session
    • Type of exercise, choice of exercise

4) How will you be accountable to this plan?

5) How will you accommodate for relapse off this plan?

Develop your plan that include the above components.

Nutritional Considerations with exercise

From the text and our content this week, discuss the unique nutritional needs that people have when they exercise. Take into consideration the macronutrients, the micronutrients, and the fluid intake requirements.


Download an app to track your exercise for a week (similar to your nutrition journals). Create a report similar to your first food journal but for exercise instead (7 days of screenshots from your app and a 1-page analysis). This extra is worth up to 6 points. Note: for this discussion, you do have 10 days to complete it.

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