Exercises and Truth Tables

Exercises and Truth Tables

7D: 2-4, 6-8. 10-12, 35

7G.1: 2-4, 6-8

For these truth tables, you can either use tables in your document, or you can write them on paper and place the images in the document.

8B.I: 1-15. exclude starred exercises

In Your Own Words (Every question here must be answered):

1. Is a truth table relevant to logical or truth analysis? Explain.

2. Where do truth tables live in Logic Land?

3. If there is a row on a truth table that has these values, does this mean the argument is valid? Explain.

P Q R Some Premise made of P, R Some Premise made of Q, R and P Conclusion containing R

Watch this fun clip:https://youtu.be/o8N3b5TKTig (Links to an external site.)

There is an argument here for how to live a long and happy life. What is that argument?

Task 1: Construct an argument using three variables. Use a truth table to see if your argument is valid. If it is valid, is it sound?

Task 2: Construct an argument using four variables. Symbolize it according to what we we will learn in 8A and 8B.

How many rows are needed in a truth table here? Why?

Why is it advantageous to use Natural Deduction instead of a truth table here?

Task 3: State the argument in a form that Natural Deduction can operate upon.

Is using a truth table just as reliable as using Natural Deduction?

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