family theory and services 2


This week you will complete a report consisting of a narrativeat least 500 words in lengthand a corresponding table. In this reportyou will examine some of the diverse family structures seen in the United States today and explore the effects of culture (including race and ethnicity) on these family structures.

In completing the table and accompanying narrative, the information and links provided in the Week 1 lecture will be particularly helpful. You may also conduct your own research using outside scholarly sources if you wish. Make sure to cite any references used.

To begin, fill in the table template provided in Appendix A of this document (starting on page 5). Bullet points are provided to help you organize your table. Each row of the table represents a different family structure that is common in the United States today. The first row of the table has been completed for you as an example.For each of the remainingrows, please do the following within the table (in your own words):

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