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Q1. You will be posting two possible topics that you would like to write about and also the point (thesis) that you would be trying to drive home in the reader’s mind. In review writing, this thesis should make a clear assessment of how well your topic (whether a band, restaurant, public figure, etc.) executes the task that they set out to perform. This, in turn, will dictate what criteria are used to assess the performance. For example, in Chapter 10 of Argument Today, one of the example essays argued that a pizza restaurant had honed its craft to produce the most delicious pizzas possible. The author showed the restaurant owner using traditional methods that require more effort and then tweaking these methods to perfect his pizza. The author DID NOT include an in-depth discussion of the décor of the restaurant as the thesis was all about the food (like the pizza maker.) include the following information for each of the two topics:

  • Topic
  • Thesis
  • 4 criteria that will be used to assess the performance
  • Thing that you need to do …. In your feedback, you should achieve two goals. First, discuss if their thesis is provable, needs to proven, and/or needs refining. Second, you should assess whether the criteria that your classmate stated will help to prove his/her thesis or if there is one that should be changed, deleted, or added. Choose Any 2 from (1-3)

1.Topic #1: Small town restaurant claims to have “Sunday dinner every day but Sunday”

Thesis: County Line, a small, family-owned restaurant claims to have a Sunday dinner every day except Sundays, but they usually fall short of a decent Tuesday night dinner.

1. Food is bland, colorless

2. Typical, boring menu items

3. Food takes too long to arrive at your table

4. Food is overpriced for the quality provided

Topic #2: The new Dr. Dolittle movie

Thesis: THe newly remade Dr. Dolittle movie exceeded my expectations, despite the harsh critic’s reviews.

1. CGI was realistic, animals looked very real

2. Great storyline that kept mine and others in the theater’s attention

3. Humor was well intertwined, the audience was always chuckling

4. Great movie for both children and adults

2. Microsoft’s new browser Edge Chromium was released a few days ago, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to review it. I say “new” because it’s nothing like the old Edge browser.

Topic 1: Microsoft Edge Chromium

Thesis: Microsoft may finally make a comeback in the browser market with its fantastic chromium-based upgrade to the Edge browser, but is it too late?


  • Compatibility – Microsoft has finally caught up with the standards other browsers have set. The new Edge makes it easier for developers to create cross-browser content, and all chromium-based apps will work with it.
  • Performance – The new Edge performs much better than ever before. It has less memory consumption, less CPU usage, and handles multitasking very well.
  • Appearance – While it’s still a little blocky, it has a much nicer look and feel. It seems to mimic Chrome in many ways, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
  • Reputation – Microsoft may have completely lost the trust of web developers and customers over the years. Microsoft has attempted in the past to set its own web standards with the monstrosity called “Internet Explorer” which over time pushed developers away. They also spent too many years ignoring the fact their browser was outdated and falling behind in performance.

Topic 2: Burger King’s Impossible Burger

Thesis: Burger King really has achieved the impossible. They have created a veggie burger that tastes identical to real meat! The Impossible Burger!


  • Texture – The surface of the burger sears just like a real burger giving it a crispy outside, and the chewy internal texture is identical to real meat.
  • Color – You can’t tell the difference in color between a normal Whopper and the Impossible Burger. It has a crispy dark brown exterior with a light brown center.
  • Flavor – The Impossible Burger has a warm, fatty, and salty taste that is exactly like that of a real burger.
  • Experience – I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years, so I’ve tried just about every veggie burger out there. There are a lot of comparisons I can make to other brands.

3.Title: Visiting Ireland

Thesis: From my experience, Ireland was one of the most glorious places that I have ever visited and would truly recommend everyone to take the journey.

Four Criteria’s

  1. No matter where you journey in Ireland the beauty of the land surrounds you
  2. The age brings you to a place lost here in the US
  3. The people are so welcoming and warm hearted
  4. Have the full experience by visiting the pubs and experiencing the food

Title: Owning a Cricut Air 2

Thesis: Being someone that loves to make my own cards and other crafts, choosing to purchase a Cricut was one of the easiest choices I ever made.

Four Criteria’s

  1. Having a Cricut cuts the work in half
  2. The ideas that the design space gives you are extremely helpful
  3. There are tons of tricks to save money
  4. Easy enough to use that your kids can use it for school projects

Q2. Read Didion’s “ (Links to an external site.)” and Klosterman’s “Nothing to Worry About. (Links to an external site.)” Both of these pieces use public figures as jumping off points for a review; however, they aren’t necessarily reviewing the figures as individuals. Instead, they are reviewing the power of branding and society’s ability to understand violence in sport, respectively. After reading both, post thesis statement for both and also briefly state the criteria that each author uses to assess their subject (share at least 4 criteria for each.) For example, if Didion is discussing a blog that picks apart Martha Stewart’s branding empire, what criteria are used to assess how effective this brand is? If Klosterman is discussing modern Americans’ ability to conceive of and appreciate the power of violence in boxing, what criteria/evidence are offered to assess this?

  • Thing that you need to do …. In your feedback, you should achieve two goals. First, discuss if their thesis is provable, needs to proven, and/or needs refining. Second, you should assess whether the criteria that your classmate stated will help to prove his/her thesis or if there is one that should be changed, deleted, or added. Choose Any 2 from (1-3)

1. Didion: Martha Stewart’s brand is popular because she is seen as “comforting”, and “inspirational”

– People see in Martha Stewart what they themselves want to be which contributes to the success of her brand.

– Martha Stewart connects to many everyday people with the products she promotes and the industry she is in. When someone sees her cooking on tv and they themselves can replicate at home, it creates a sense of oneness with the customer.

– Martha Stewarts struggles are also a way that she connects to others who have been through things. For example, with divorce being so common today, many can empathize with Martha Stewarts situation in that regard.

– Seeing her go through things everyday people do “humanizes” her rather than people holding the image of a celebrity, actor, or tv personality.

Klosterman: The disappearance of writers who write about boxing is largely due to the decline of the sport itself, and the affect technology has on people socially.

– Fear of getting hurt and hurting others that is more prevalent in todays time than in the past.

– Increased popularity in team sports and the decline in popularity of individual sports.

– Society is less violent now than it was in the past.

– Professional fighting has become more of a niche, with UFC fights being much more popular than boxing alone in recent years. Basically, society as a whole is less violent, but a minority of fighting fans are open to violence in a mixed martial-arts setting.

2. Article: Nothing to Worry About

Thesis Statement: Today’s generation will never understand the deep connection and emotion that comes from violent sports like Boxing.


  • Primordial Appeal
  • Emotion
  • Culture
  • Comparison

Klosterman tries to urge the reader to be more in touch with their primordial selves. He wants the reader to understand the depth of boxing as it relates to fear and anxiety, and what it means to feel alive. He wants them to feel like they have lost a part of their culture due to the lack of fear that people feel today. Klosterman portrays boxing as a sport with deeper meaning and explains how it’s nothing like the animalistic and disconnected modern fighting sports that we have today.

For evidence, Klosterman used his own experiences and those of Norman Mailer to express his point. He also cited the lecture called “The Myth of Violence”, which he used to support the argument that we live in the most peaceful era of all time.

I think Klosterman grabs the attention of the reader by discussing what he disliked about Norman Mailer.

I see the article as a statement directed toward newer generations, and how they cannot begin to appreciate the emotion involved in Boxing because of how society has coddled them.


Thesis Statement: Martha Stewart is an inspiration who built her brand from her own self-motivation and self-image.


  • Lifestyle
  • Creativity
  • Survivalist
  • Empowerment
  • Reputation

Martha lived the lifestyle most women desired, and she made it look like anyone could do it. The creativity she had would grab people’s attention. She could take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She was a self-made woman who defied all odds. She survived family struggles, divorce, and picked herself back up after many failures. She was an inspiration, and she related to the average woman. She empowered them and made them feel like they could do anything. Her empire was built solely on this reputation.

The majority of the evidence provided was based on Martha’s reputation and success. The article also provided some statistics to show the overall wealth Martha accumulated over the years from the success of her brand.

I think Didion grabs the attention of the reader by beginning with some of the extremes of Martha Stewart’s daily life.

I think this article is a statement about how inspirational Martha Stewart was, and how we should all strive to be more like her.

3. Article:

Thesis: Martha Stewart built her brand by showing the world that her passion could be done in your home as well and people took her inspiration and ran with it, but did everybody?


  1. Creative
  2. Inspirational
  3. Outrage
  4. Fraud

Didion pulls the reader in by expressing how Martha Stewart lives an odd but lavish lifestyle. The article quickly moves into the divorce of her and her husband Andy. The story furthers with the brand that Martha has grown by using her passion to sew and make do-it-yourself crafts. Listing off magazines, websites, TV shows and her specific brands. Didion also states in this article the different feeling that people had when discussing Martha Stewart and her branding.

Didion uses evidence stating such things like if we follow her leads, we can also achieve real results in our very own homes all by ourselves. Stating that Stewart will personally guide us through it all. Didion also talks about how Stewart is not only an inspiration to most women but some felt outrage when they talked about her and felt that she was a walking fraudulent message.

Article: Nothing to Worry About

Thesis: Boxing was once a sport that people had a passion to write about but since the decline of this sport less people are interested in writing about it, taking away from the emotional connection of the sport.


  1. Fear
  2. Metaphoric
  3. Abhorrent purity
  4. primordial reality

Klosterman pulls the reader in by starting his writing off with talking about a deceased writer, Norman Mailer, stating that he wasn’t truly a fan. However, Norman was one of the last writers that took an interest in writing about sports such as boxing.

Klosterman uses evidence from his of his own as well as from Norman to illustrate the reasoning behind the decline of boxing. Stating that there has been a loss in the primordial reality of the sport how the internal fear is gone. Klosterman also talks about how the last fighter that mattered was Mike Tyson only because he was the final break between man and nature.

Q 3. Locate a current event about a company or product. Tell the class what the story was about. Who was the audience? What was the tone & style of article? Was the information delivered appropriately? How did the company handle the information? What suggestions do have for handling the information more effectively? Just answer those questions you don’t have to write brifly.

Q4. After reading the article, 10 Techniques for Gathering Business Requirements (Links to an external site.), think about the following scenario and answer the questions provided.

Wilmington University is implementing a mobile app where students are able to order books via the app and then pick them up at the bookstore within one hour of their order. Additionally, students can order via the app and have their books automatically shipped to their residence. What requirements gathering techniques will you use? Describe in detail how you would apply these techniques.

Q5. Using what you have learned about business process and functional modeling, draw a use-case diagram and a set of activity diagrams for the scenario on p. 160 of your text, Exercise R. You will find the book there.

Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden – Systems Analysis and Design_ An Object-Oriented Approach with UML-Wiley (2015)


  • Create a set of detailed use-case descriptions for the system n Exercise R.

Supplementary Resources:

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