Final Project: Report Topic Selection

Review the University of Phoenix Material: Research-Driven, Formal Report Instructions.

Select a topic for your assignment from the list of potential recommendations below:

  • Informal, dress-down Fridays

Submit your selected topic for approval and include the following: (1) a working abstract that details the overview of what you anticipate finding in your report; the abstract should include a working thesis that shows the overall focus of your project; (2) a tentative detailed outline that shows what the content of your report will tentatively contain; and (3) write a paragraph describing how you plan to approach the report (aka: your research plan) given what you have learned in your Weeks 1 and 2 course materials.

Note: The working abstract, thesis, and outline are likely to change as you begin your research and begin drafting your report; however, this early planning gives you a solid foundation for beginning your research and drafting your report.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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