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Your essay should present the goals of the class: critical reading, analysis, interpretation, and more creative idea development strategies. Additionally, your development of the prewriting steps, use of writing conventions, and understanding of how research and reading prompts complex thought will all be central here.

The Project One Rubric and the skills list below will review/clarify the minimum classroom strategies at play within this project.

A rationale will be a separate document (2 pages or so). This rationale will explain for the reader the dynamics of the selected materials. The interplay/tension in meaning among the sources (and mediums) will be central to the analysis. Class terms and terms distinct to your major will be central.

An Annotated Bibliography will be a component within the final submission.

This assignment begins our great regard for the depth and complexity of academic thought within your field. Additionally, this assignment promotes the research as a prompt to topic points and the creative process.

Please see the handouts on Blackboard. Class assignments and presentations will build on the skills needed for this major essay. Models will be considered in class.

Your Paper should be an examination of the interplay of five or more selected sources and your narrowed topic. There is no one right answer here. Your goals are many:

1)Select sources that are interesting and thoughtful – either considered alone or considered separately;

2)Apply our class lessons for a wide range of response – the avenues, interpretive questions, your cluster, and your knowledge of your major;

3)Apply our class lesson on professional writing and variety – see notes and your self-assessment;

4)Be sure and organize with an introduction, thesis, topic sentences, unified paragraphs, and a conclusion;

5)Remember, a narrowed thesis is central;

6)Examine the interplay of your selected research in light of your narrowed topic;

7)Lastly, remember that the “how” of any presentation should support the “what” of that communication.

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