finance assignments

– Assignment 1 Provide your analysis of the underlying issues in each of the four cases in Chapter 17 and resolve whether there is a underlying issue common to all four cases.

4 companies give a brief idea about each and describe it what happened etc. each company should take half a page so total 2 pages. Chapter 17 is attached.


– Assignment 2 the topic is about a company called Air lease Corp

Each of you have been assigned a value company. Bases on our class criteria prepare a report containing the following.

I. A brief description of the company, its products and main competitors.

II. Whether it meets the class investment criteria. Please provide these numbers in an easy to read chart .

A. Forward p/e of 13 or less

B. Forward p/e less than 2 points higher than trailing p/e

C. Price to book of 1.4 or less

D. P/E and price to book less than or equal to main competitor(s)

III. Include any other info you think is relative.

IV. Based on your analysis should we consider adding this company to our investment portfolio?

Keep your report to no more than 2 pages.

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