Financial Economics report editing

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

I have a financial report of Facebook and it is missing some major points from the requirement.

Please edit my paper to meet all the requirement I listed here, the bold sentences are the feedbacks I got from my TA. I have included a link to the explanation of Porter’s 5-force framework.

Also, all the information needed for calculating ratios are in the 10k file I attached or just google them.

Please just help me solve these questions so I can meet the requirement for this paper. Thank you.

1. What is the firm’s sector or industry? Identification shall be based on the 6- digit North American Industry Classification System – NAICS code. Please use this code NAICS Code 518210 to answer this requirement..

2. Describe the industry outlook – whether the industry is growing, stagnant or declining. There is no obvious words found in the paper saying whether the industry is growing or failing.

3. Analyze any of the economic forces that affect the profits in the company industry. There are something about the economic forces in the paper but your answer does not seem based on the Michael Porter’s Five-force framework. Please revise that according to the framework (

4. Briefly describe the core activities of the company and how it generates most of its core revenues. Please explain with business professional terms, what do they do to earn money.

5. Is the company a conglomerate? Is yes, what are its different lines of products? – What differentiates the company from its peers in the industry (its competitive advantage or economic moat)? This should include identification of the key drivers or factors for the success or challenges in in this industry. Please answer the requirement thoroughly, only say Facebook is a conglomerate is clearly not enough

6. This could be achieved by examining whether any of the following valuation ratios – Price-to-Earnings (P/E), Market-to-Book ratio or Price-to-Book (P/B), Price-to-Sales (P/S), Price-to-Cash Flow (P/CF) – is low or high. In addition, the team shall examine whether the company’s revenues and earnings growing, stagnant or falling, compared to peers and/or the industry? This is the last point and you only provided P/E ratio, there are 3 more ratios need to be calculated. And also, please compare Facebook to its competitors within the same industry, you didn’t mention anything about this aspect.

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