Find an Article Pertaining to Diverse Groups and IPV ( INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE) & Discuss by completing the 2 questions.

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For this week’s Participation/Learning Activity, please find a recent news clip or article (2017 – 2020) pertaining to diverse groups and IPV regarding a court case and/or policy/advocacy activities. Pick an area that you’re not associated with or in the group.

Identify the cultural competency issues that might affect this case and how does culture affect the victim and the case in this scenario? What can the professionals handling this case due to insure cultural competency? Attach the article to the assignment.

Diversity groups discussed in Chapter 13:Socially economic disadvantaged women, older battered women, rural communities, persons with disabilities, Immigrant communities, Asian Americans/Native Pacific Islanders, African American women, Hispanics, Native American, Same Gender-oriented Partners, Sex Trafficking, Military

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