Finding Aviation Wing Area

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Please show all work and calculations here are the three questions

1. The pre-2017 Part 23 requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations required that a single engine aircraft must stall at a maximum of 61 kt. Assume: maximum lift coefficient of 2.5 with

flaps, standard day at sea level. Assume the wing is 100% efficient.

(a) How big does the wing need to be for a 61 kt stall speed for an aircraft with a gross weight of 4,450 lb (in square feet)?

2. Assume that we plan to operate the airplane in the problem above out of out of airports such as Truckee Tahoe, but want to maintain the same stall speed in the proximity of the airport. The Truckee Tahoe airport is at 5,900 feet MSL, so use 8,000 feet as the desired altitude

for the determination to allow for some extra margin (mountains, up and downdrafts, higher temperatures, etc.).

(a) How big does the wing need to be for a stall speed of 61 kt on a

standard day (with flaps) at 8,000 feet?

3. Using the airplane in problem #2, but with flaps retracted and a maximum lift coefficient of 1.8:

(a) What is the stall speed at sea level?

(b) What is the stall speed at 8,000 feet?

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