Finding the Evidence to Support Health Promotion Interventions

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Due: Sunday night at 11:59pm Mountain Time

  1. Conduct a review of literature to find supporting evidence for the effectiveness of an education intervention aimed at the topic of concern. Find evidence of at least FOUR education strategies or trainings that were published in the past 5 years that addressed the topic of concern in a similar population to the individual interviewed in step 2 (ie. by sex, culture, health condition). Use at least three scholarly sources (that is, peer-reviewed journal articles or websites written by a group that has expertise and strong credentials in the field of interest).
  2. Develop an evidence table for the review using the Health Education Needs Evidence Table and the grading rubric as guides to proper construction of the evidence table
  3. Identify and describe a teaching strategy (including a brief description of the curriculum) that you will use in your practicum assignment. The strategy should be based on the information discovered in the evidence table
  4. Upload your evidence table into the assignment drop box by Sunday at 11:59 pm MST week 6

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