for Daisy Arabella only

 Omar Alsharef: Read Chapter One from the Now and Then Textbook by Judith Stanford. Here is how to read this chapter:(You can find this chapter in Modules.) 1. Skim through the chapter quickly noticing all of the headings in bold. Quickly determine what is the most important information and material to work with (Anything that has been boldfaced. You will not be asked to discuss or write about Tattoos.). 2. Read the first paragraph and last paragraphs of the chapter. 3. Read the first sentence of every paragraph in between. 4. Read the chapter beginning to end. 5. After reading the chapter through once, consider what is important to remember from this chapter: (Highlight the parts of the reading that pertain to the questions below. You may also want to make notes (annotations) in the margins about any of these points as well. You do not have to write out answers to these questions, but you should be able to verbally explain the answers to these questions. You will be assigned to present answers to one or more of these questions to a small group in class. At the end of class, you may be given a quiz that covers the answers to these questions. Or possibly, you may be asked to take this quiz online at this course website. This is yet to be determined.) a. What does the author mean by “Reading to Respond”? What are ways the author suggests that one may respond to text? b. What does the author mean by “Reading to Understand”? What activities does the author recommend one do in order to understand what one reads? c. What is an inference? What does the author recommend you do in order to understand inferences? d. What does the author mean by “Reading to Evaluate? What can you do that will help you to evaluate what you read? e. Why is it important to learn to “read images critically”? What are some of the recommended procedures to follow when “reading images critically”? 6. Write a 750 word essay that answers the following three questions: Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Go to the 3.1 link in Modules as listed below to get the complete directions for this Who/Why/Where assignment: 3.1 Directions for Writing Your Student Profile. 7. Please bring a hard copy of Chapter One to class. You may either print that out from this website or photocopy Chapter One from a Now and Then textbook that has been placed on reserve. The assignment for this upcoming class does require that you highlight, underline, and annotate so depending on a device to access this document isn’t all that helpful.

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