—–For hifsa shaukat—– Reading response


1. Overall, this is a reading response assignment, but the professor asks to provide your own critical assessment after reading this reader. “In your reading response, you should highlight the key arguments, and provide your own critical assessment of the readings.You can also draw connections among the readings.”

2. To start writing the reading response with summarizing the argument of the reading. 

3. There are two readings. Just a reminder, the two readings this time may could considered as the references for the final project, since we decided to use Cultural Revolution (film) for the final project. 

4. For the reading response, it is 600 words minimum in total. Since there are two readings, it’s better to balance the words between the two reading part. (for example: 300 words for reading one, 300 words for reading two.)

5. MPL format, It is due in 48 hours since handshake.

6. Make the structure clear. Watch out the grammar and wordy mistakes. Pay attention to the citation.

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