for michael smith only

Discussion 1

Course of Interest


For this week’s Social Media assignment begin by creating a post with the following:

  1. A description of your course topic of interest including a purpose and rationale.
  2. A list of three goals for your course.
  3. A definition of student demographics of those who would be interested or required to take your course.

 Discussion 2

Research some colleges and universities identified by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes (NILOA) that exemplify good assessment practices do the following.

  1. Access the link NILOA link (retrieved from for an overview of featured colleges and universities that use good assessment practices to promote student success and teacher effectiveness.
  2. Select one case study that appeals to your own philosophy related to the practice of good assessment standards and indicators.
  3. Explain how the practice of these values and considerations correlate with your own beliefs and practices in assessment.
  4. Find a fellow classmate’s post that expresses some similar ideals and values or different principles or standards than the school that you chose and wrote about.
  5. Identify the similarities and/or differences and explain why they are important in the context of good assessment practices.
  6. Be sure to reference information taken from the website in addition to evidence from the literature to support your ideas and thoughts in accordance APA format.

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