Specific Question for Unit 2:

The assigned article details the growing divide between Texas as a state and the more liberal leanings growing within its major cities. Though each city is unique and different, a certain political philosophy exist which has led local, more urban governments to be more active that what Texans have traditionally allowed. The author concludes that if Texas is to continue its success, local city governments should not adopt a tax and spend agenda, but rather should continue the model championed by the state of low tax, low service which would allow business and enterprise to continue to flourish. Is the author correct?

General Guidelines:

-Minimum of 750 words in length.

-Revised and edited.

-Incorporates assigned article, the textbook, and other academic sources to affirm or reject various points.

-Clearly answers the question posed.

-Organized well and concisely written.

-All source material cited.

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