For skyessays

Please answer these questions in a one-page response. (one page for each one)

1. What are your initial reactions to reading this short story? (the emotional part of the reading experience)2. Why did the text have that effect on you? (the contribution of the text AND the contribution of the reader)3. Name three of the following aspects of this short story that are significant for you and WHY: the theme, language, metaphors, images, recurring references, or dialogue) **It’s ok if you don’t know what all of these words mean, but please look them up. 4. What does your response to this short story tell about you as a reader? (in terms of the cultural and social forces that shape you)


please respond to 2 of your classmates’ posts with something that ADDS to the conversation by 11 pm. Maybe a quote from the story? Maybe something for the student to think about more? Make it relevant and HELPFUL, please.

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