For this assignment, you will select a publicly-traded retailer of your choice to conduct a strategic analysis.

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This assignment will require three main components:

  • Retailer overview. Describe the retailer, including its name, product assortment(s), formal classification (Chapter 2), target market(s), number of locations, and similar characteristics important to understand the retailer’s full nature. Include the mission statement of the retailer. Additionally, list its overall sales performance from the most recent annual report.
  • SWOT. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the retailer. List and discuss AT LEAST three strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the retailer. These must be meaningful (i.e., not superficial).
  • Strategic recommendations. Based on the SWOT, list and discuss AT LEAST three strategic recommendations for the retailer to implement. These should be based on elements from the SWOT. Ideally, your recommendations should address the most pressing issues or opportunities for the retailer to gain market share, improve its position, improve financial performance, etc. Ensure that your recommendations are meaningful, clear, and actionable for managers (i.e., do not list a recommendation that is not feasible or unclear).

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