Frankenstein Assignment #2

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Shelley’s Frankenstein

Directions: Create a word processing document titled “Frankenstein Assignment 2.” For each question that follows, compose a short essay response (250 to 400 words). Be sure to provide a clear thesis statement that does not just restate the question. Support your thesis with specific evidence from the text. Clearly number your responses and copy the question and place your essay response under it. To earn full credit, each response must meet the following requirements:

  • Writing is free of spelling or word use errors.
  • Writing is free of run-on sentences or sentence fragments.
  • All punctuation is used appropriately.
  • All proper nouns and the beginnings of sentences are capitalized appropriately.
  • All other standard English grammar, punctuation, and spelling are followed.
  • Sentences vary in structure between simple, complex, compound, and complex-compound structures.
  • Fully developed paragraphs have a minimum of four – five sentences each.
  1. Victor says of his father that “a more indulgent and less dictatorial parent did not exist upon earth.” Discuss Alphone’s influence on Victor and Victor’s feelings toward his father. Compare Alphonse’s and Victor’s relationship to Victor’s relationship with the creature.
  2. Give some examples of the Romantic concept in Shelley’s use of physical locations. How does it help establish character and mood in the novel?
  3. Discuss Victor’s reluctance to create the second creature. Why do you think he destroys it in front of the other creature?
  4. Compare the events that occur on Victor’s wedding night to the night when Victor destroyed the second creature.
  5. Did it surprise you that the creature killed Elizabeth and not Victor? Explain your answer.
  6. When Victor is chasing him, why does the creature keep leaving clues to help Victor follow his trail?
  7. Do you think Victor is right when he urges Walton to abandon his ambition? Explain your answer.
  8. Is Victor justified in blaming himself for the deaths of Henry, Elizabeth, and his other family members? Explain your answer.
  9. Discuss the creature’s final speech to Walton. How does he really feel about Victor? Is he sad or happy about his death?
  10. Why do you think the creature wants to eliminate any evidence of his own existence?

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