ged108 environmental science multiple choice questions

Textbook: Environmental Science Richard T. Wright 10th edition Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-230265-9

The Unit Examination contains multiple choice questions. Your grade on the examination will be determined by the percentage of correct answers. The University utilizes the following grading system: A = 90% – 100% correct B = 80% – 89% correct C = 70% – 79% correct D = 60% – 69% correct F = 59% and below correct 4 grade points 3 grade points 2 grade points 1 grade point 0 grade points Completing Unit Examination Before beginning your examination, we recommend that you thoroughly review the textbook chapters and other materials covered in each Unit and follow the suggestions in the “Mastering the Course Content” section of the course Syllabus.

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