Global Health Two Different Social Contexts, based on the required reading

Your Final Paper consists of:
A) a critical and creative reflection on what you have learned from the book “Lissa…”,
B) with the inclusion of the learnings from any of the previous weeks in the semester. Therefore, you will also need to incorporate that week’s reading/s. I suggest that you work on the topic/reading that had the biggest impact on you (i.e. structural violence/ Farmer; Vertical vs horizontal power and funding/Crisp; Ethnomedicine/Nichter, etc.).
C) You will also need to complement your work with the use of a minimum of 5 other sources. They could be visual videos, pictures and scholarly articles and reports. At the end of the book “Lissa…” you have some suggested resources with commentary (pp. 288-302). So, there’s a wide range to pick from. Some of the articles can be found online. Or you can check the UTEP online catalogue. Do NOT pay for any resources (books, films, etc.). ONLY use those that are freely available to you.
Optional suggestions for how to develop your thoughts for the paper:

For part A of your assignment:
1. Complete the MAP 1, 2 and 3 exercises (pp. 284-286)
For part B of your assignment:
2. Create a contrasting map utilizing any of the themes/readings used during the semester. This will allow you to expand your perspective on contexts -think in terms of health, vulnerability and power across different countries and different social groups between and within countries, for instance.
Requirements for your Final Paper
3. Now write your paper. The maps developed above (Parts A and B) can be included into your final paper. Your paper should have the following sections with corresponding subheadings:
a. Cover Page (it does not count towards the minimum required length)
b. Learning Reflection; In two paragraphs or no more than half a page, explain what you knew about these topics before and what have you learned throughout the semester and while doing your readings and research for this final paper.
c. Introduction. Explain what this paper is about, what topics you will cover, etc. Make sure to introduce your thesis statement (or key argument) for the paper. Explain the contexts you will cover and why they are relevant.
d. This section would be the “body of the paper” and you are free to use the subheadings of your choice, based on the content you developed. It is important that you break this section into sub-sections for a clearer analysis. This is also the section where you incorporate the maps and content you’ve created for points 1 and 2 (as discussed above, if you had developed them).
e. Conclusion
f. References list (make sure that all sources are properly cited in-text and referenced at the end. Remember that the required referencing style for the class is APA 6th).
In a separate link, inside the Week 7 Module, you will find a Final Paper Template to facilitate your work.
The overall paper length should be between 8 and 12 pages. Make sure to use the provided templet for guidance on length per section.

Learning Reflection
[Discuss what you knew about global health before taking this class and summarize what you take away from the course –

Now discuss the specific knowledge you had about your chosen topic -be explicit as to what you knew and what you learned by doing your research for this final paper.
The whole reflection should be no more than 250 words or 1 page in length]

[In 200-300n words introduce your chosen topic from the given list AND make sure to state why you consider it important. You will also need to state the central argument for your paper -what are you going to achieve through your analysis of this topic. And briefly state what key concept/s, sources and examples you will be discussing to make your points clear / proof your argument].

Sub-headings of choice according to how you are presenting your topic
(this particular section, including the sub-sections you create with the use of relevant sub-headings, should be a minimum of 5-6 pages in length)

[A closing statement where you highlight the key points made throughout your analysis, reinstate your argument and its inportance, must be the final content piece of your paper].

[All sources cited in-text MUST be listed here and formatted in the required APA 6th style.
A minimum of 5 scholarly sources must be included.

Hamdy, S., & Nye, C. (2017). Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution (ethnoGRAPHIC) (1 ed.). University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Divi-
sion. ISBN: 1487593473

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