Group Case Study – Part 1 – Paper Due

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Assignment Requirements – Group Work

Part 1 – Group scholarly paper

After reviewing and studying your case study, your group will write a scholarly paper which addresses all the requirements listed in the “Paper and Presentation Content Requirements” section below.

  • Rely on scholarly-based sources and incorporate learning materials from the course.
  • Submit one final group paper (as an MS Word file) that is 6-7 pages, and follows APA format.
Paper and Presentation Content Requirements

Statement of Challenges
Create a summary by identifying the primary challenges based on the analysis and interpretation of the facts, as well as the following:

  • Who is your client?
  • What are the client demographics?
  • Who are additional people involved and what is their relationship to the client?
  • What is the issue/problem being presented?

Recommend an intervention using a theoretical framework.

  • Which Social Theory of Aging can be applied?
  • What are the identified intervention goals for the client?
  • What are the outcome measures?
  • What would need to be re-assessed and within what time frame?

Note: Refer to the following chapters from your textbook reading assignments:

  • McInnis-Dittrich, Chapter 3 and Bengston, Chapter 1, 8, 15, 7, and 19


  • Describe how you would effectively and substantively prepare for practice with the client system.
  • Develop a detailed theory-guided, strengths-based assessment plan.
  • Propose an intervention plan that includes application of evidence-based client-centered interventions that are culturally responsive in working with the client-system in the case example.
  • Describe an evaluation plan that includes intervention goals and outcome measures that incorporate the cultural context of the client system in the case study.
  • Remember the goal is “what” you want the outcome to be for the intervention plan to be successful and the objective/action plan is “how” you will get there with time frames and tasks assigned to a person.
  • Use complete sentences!
  • Write this plan as if you will be presenting a draft to your client.

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