group discussion to apply the course content and to practice communication skills

This is our first group discussion to apply the course content and to practice communication skills.

The goal of this activity is to UNDERSTAND others, not to persuade them.

The format is:

1) Read the following story and rank order the characters. Create a first post where you provide your rankings and a detailed explanation of why you made the decisions you made.This needs to be completed by March 26 11:59.

2) Active Listening Practice: Now respond to at least 4 other group member posts with either a question for clarification (Q), a content paraphrase (CP) and/or a feeling paraphrase (FP). Identify the strategy you are using by including a (Q), (CP), or (FP) after your comment. Be careful that you phrase your responses appropriately (refer to text and chapter outlines). This needs to be completed by March 31 11:59.


Do you believe Mary had any advice to give? (Q)

It sounds like you believe Mary to be uncaring because she failed to actively listen to Abigail and demonstrate empathy by providing advice. (CP)

I sense that you are angry with Mary for not being a caring mother. (FP)

3) Write responses to the questions and paraphrases presented by group members. This needs to be completed by April 2 11:59.

4) Write a brief 4-6 sentence evaluation identifying which questions and/or paraphrases given by your group members resulted in you thinking more deeply about your ideas and decisions. This needs to be completed by April 7 11:59.

Alligator River…

“Once upon a time there was a woman named Abigail who was in love with a man named Gregory. Gregory lived on the shore of a river. Abigail lived on the opposite shore of the river. The river that separated the two lovers was teeming with man-eating alligators. Abigail wanted to cross the river to be with Gregory. Unfortunately, the bridge had been washed away.”

“So she went to ask Sinbad, a riverboat captain, to take her across. He said he would be glad to if she would consent to go to bed with him before he takes her across. “

“She promptly refused and went to her mother, Mary, to explain her plight. Mary did not have an answer and said that Abigail had to make her own decision. “

“Abigail felt her only alternative was to accept Sinbad’s terms. Sinbad fulfilled his promise to Abigail and delivered her into the arms of Gregory.”

“When she told Gregory about her amorous escapade in order to cross the river, Gregory cast her aside with disdain.”

“Heartsick and dejected, Abigail turned to Slug with her tale of woe. Slug, feeling compassion for Abigail, sought out Gregory and beat him brutally.”

“Abigail was happy to see Gregory getting his due. As the sun sets on the horizon, we hear Abigail laughing at Gregory.”

Following the story, rank the five characters from the most offensive character to the least objectionable. The character whom you find most reprehensible is first on the list; then the second most reprehensible, and so on, with the fifth being the least objectionable. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Now post a response with your rankings and an explanation for why you made the choices you made.You might consider the following criteria and questions when writing your justifications: 1.Outcomes (what happened as a result of the person’s behavior)2.Means (what a character did given the situation and options)3.Motivations (why they did what they did)

  1. 4. Did you consider ethics in making your decision? Which of these characters acted ethically? Which unethically?


this is a student post and you can use it as example. Also write a response to this post according to the rubric. Last, please write it using your own words.

1. Abigail; I would say Abigail was the most offensive character out of all of them. She seemed to have some toxic traits within her, she did start the altercation with George getting beat up. She seemed to not think through every action she did and the consequences it would turn out to take in the end, and who would get hurt.

2. Sinbad: I would say he was the second most offensive because he wanted something in return, basically taking advantage at the fact that she was so in love with someone, and knew she would do anything for love, as most people. He simply gave the choice of Abigail going with him or she wouldn’t see him, but under his harsh condition.

3. Slug: I say Slug was within the top three mainly because he was the one who wanted to go and hurt George, just because Abigail, told him the way she thought things happened. Without him knowing the real reason as to why Greg did not want her.

4. Greg: I would say Greg was also the least, mainly because he was just in love with Abigail who at the end of the day just hurt him, by sleeping with another guy. Was it ethically correct for her to do that? No, she did not think of Greg, she thought more about herself than anything else.

5. Mother: I would say Abigail’s mother was the least objecatable mainly because she let her own daughter take into her own hands what she wanted to do with her life. She wasn’t going to tell her because she was capable of figuring out what was right and what was wrong. In a sense she did not give her daughter advice as to what to do, but at the same time I don’t think Abigail would have listened anyway.

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