Gulliver’s Travels

Your final paper will be based upon Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels (pp. 2487-2587), and should answer the following question: In what ways is the book deeply Neo-Classical? Remember that the ideas of this period (Rationalism and Humanism) are the direct result of the Renaissance ideas of Shakespeares time. What is different, though? How have those ideas changed? What is Swifts attitude toward the world he lives in (the book is truly an encyclopedia of his time (if you time-travelled back to the 1720s, this would be the book to have with you)? Remember that this period ended with the American War of Independence and the explosion of Romanticism. Why, and what did that have to do with the things mentioned by Swift in his book? Hint: What did the violin-maker (in the Renaissance) say to his assistant when he smashed the violin in the film The Red Violin? How was his attitude different from the attitude about art that we saw when the little boy went to Vienna in the Neoclassical period? You should include three sources of research for this paper (one could be The Red Violin)


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