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Reflect on ways that you are “different” in an organization. The organization could be your workplace, sports team, volunteer organization, faith community, or school setting. As you write about your experience, address the questions below. Write an integrated essay (about 1/2 page) rather than a list of answers. Make sure you are using class concepts (consult your book and the lecture notes).1. In what ways are you different from the majority in this particular organization? It could be that you are older/younger, more/less religious (or of a different religion), of a different skin color or ethnicity, different in your politics, or different in some other way. 2. Have you chosen to pursue assimilation, accommodation, or separation? Why? How have you implemented this approach? How has it worked for you(or not)and your organization?3. Consider the communication practices of peers or supervisors in this organization (see the Communication Options table in WK7). Describe it briefly. For example, has their communication been ethnocentric, monoculutral, modern, or cosmopolitan? Explain briefly. How has their communication affected you?

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