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ASSIGNMENT Health & Wellness Program


In your groups of two or three, you will research a small Canadian company, develop a healthy workplace initiative for the company and present the initiative to the management team (your classmates).

Your assignment will include three parts:


A written proposal of your initiative
A presentation the final week of class Communication piece

Your assignment will generally follow (we won’t cover every aspect of each step) steps 3-7 in the “Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment: Workbook” by the Government of British Columbia and information from Aetna’s Plan Sponsor Wellness Guide (both are available in the assignment folder on D2L).

Technical Specifications:

  • ï‚· The completed assignment is due on D2L on the date/time indicated by the instructor (no emailed or late assignments will be accepted).
  • ï‚· The completed assignment should be no more than twelve (12) pages, not including cover page, table of contents and reference page.
  • ï‚· Provide a cover sheet, stating your names and student numbers, the course name and number. See APA guide for information about proper formatting and referencing.
  • ï‚· Documents are expected to reflect a professional look and feel which includes a logical organization and layout and information is clearly communicated.


Related Course Learning Outcome:
Develop wellness strategies to support organizational effectiveness


ï‚· Choose and research a small Canadian company. You may want to speak to someone from the company but it is not required. Based on the research of your chosen company, your group will plan, develop and promote a healthy workplace initiative for the company.


Write a proposal, assuming the audience is the management team of the company, for your initiative that considers the elements listed on page 363 of the text book (Note: your group will have to use your research of the company to make some assumptions about actual needs).


In your 12 page report, you should include the following (suggestion: use headings in your report):


  • ï‚· The executive summary is no more than one-page.
  • ï‚· It is a summary of what you wrote in the report. This gives the reader an understanding of the highlights without having to read the entire report. Although this section appears first in the report it should be written last. Be succinct, edit your work INTRODUCTION:

ï‚· Introduce your report. This section is no more than 2-3-paragraphs.

Gather and analyze information to understand the type of wellness initiative and incentives to offer.

  • ï‚· What is the company about? What are the mission, values, vision? What are the business needs?
  • ï‚· What is the workplace environment and culture like? Define your goals and objectives to help guide your planning efforts.
  • ï‚· What do you want your workplace wellness initiative to do?
  • ï‚· Choose a wellness initiative that best fit your business needs, workplace culture and employee interests.
  • ï‚· What behaviours to you want to change?
  • ï‚· How can the wellness initiative to contribute to the overall benefit strategy? Based on information gathered in the steps above, identify a primary concern, the most important thing you want to change such as a high prevalence of disease and chronic conditions, low productivity/high absenteeism. Look at short term and long term goals as changing behaviours takes time. Now go to the next step! Related Course Learning Outcome:
    Develop wellness strategies to support organizational effectiveness

When planning the workplace health program, remember to be clear about your: Objectives: know what you want to see happen as a result of your efforts. Target audience: who is the program for? All staff? Only certain groups? Type of program or campaign: what tone will your program have? Informative? Fun? Fearful?


Design and define your workplace wellness initiative

  • ï‚· Take the information from your planning phase and turn it into an action plan! You have identified a primary concern, now what are you going to do? What is your workplace wellness initiative going to look like at the company? Aetna recommends choosing a wellness program and incentives that best fit the business needs, workplace culture and employee interests.
  • ï‚· Remember: Wellness can range from staying healthy to getting healthy and managing ongoing health conditions. Would your initiative be focused on awareness, prevention, disease management etc.? What incentives would you offer, if any? TIP: Here are some examples of areas to focus on: IMPLEMENT :
    Develop an implementation plan. Now that you have a plan, how are you going to implement it at the company? Your plan should outline the following:
    • ï‚· Reiterating the wellness goals and objectives
    • ï‚· Identifying your chosen program and incentives
    • ï‚· Outline your communication plan and timelines. o Whoneedstoknowandwhowilltellthem, o Whatdotheyneedtoknow,
      o Howwilltheyfindoutand,
      o Whenwilltheyfindout? EVALUATE: Evaluate outcomes and refine your strategy

ï‚· In a paragraph or two, outline how you will determine if the program is working?

  • ï‚· Healthy eating
  • ï‚· Active living
  • ï‚· Supporting non-smoking
  • ï‚· Time management

ï‚· Work/life balance
ï‚· Addiction
ï‚· Chronic illness (be specific)


You will present your proposed healthy workplace initiative to the management team of the organization. Your presentation should include visuals (for example, handouts, slides, whiteboard etc.,) and should use key components from the executive summary. Remember, you are convincing them that your workplace wellness initiative is worth their financial investment and buy in!

  • ï‚· Presentations should not be more than 12 minutes long and each team member must participate in the presentation.
  • ï‚· Professional attire expected- No reading but presenting, group introduced
  • ï‚· Allow for questions after presentation
  • ï‚· Please bring in a copy of your visuals (slide deck for example). A copy of the report is not required for the presentation. TIP:

Evidence shows that the most effective workplace health programs are those that incorporate the stages of change model (personal readiness to make lifestyle changes), address various levels of learning (awareness, knowledge and skills development, behaviour change), and make supportive environmental modifications.

Unlike health and safety programs, employee participation in workplace health programs must always be completely voluntary. Through needs assessments, the committee or employer should determine what workers’ health needs and preferences are, and then plan programs and policies in response, but it is still the worker’s choice whether to participate or not.


A key component to the success of any program is communication and promotion!

  • ï‚· You will prepare one communication piece that you can show the management team (at the presentation) as an example of something you will use to introduce and promote your program to the employees. Be creative and make sure the company name and the names of your team members are on the promotional piece!
  • ï‚· Some suggestions are an e-mail, video, employee bulletin board/poster, pamphlet, poster, a mock up of an intranet page (you do not need to create the site, you can use a poster board to show the outline of the page).

Related Course Learning Outcome:
Develop wellness strategies to support organizational effectiveness

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