Health Care system delivery

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Healthcare Delivery System Evaluation

The Iron Triangle is a common model for evaluating the healthcare delivery system.Write a 5-6 page paper on how the ACA address all four of areas (with equal attention on each of the four sections) of the Iron Triangle.

1. Improved Access: Select a specific population (e.g. single childless adults, the working poor, young adults, etc.) and then evaluate how the ACA has improved access for them.

2. Cost Containment: Discuss one way the ACA’s policies has succeeded at controlling costs and one way it has failed.

3. Quality of Care: Discuss how the ACA bill is improving health outcomes (either overall or for a specific area of health) and one way it is not improving health as much as it could/should.

4. Evaluation: Did the ACA have a balanced approach in regards to the Iron Triangle?

Include in text citation, and create a reference page (APA format)

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