health policy concern

Parts A & B: 2 double-spaced pages max!

A.Identify a health care issue and describe why this issue is of concern and/or interest to you. Include evidence that supports the need for this issue to become a public policy (not an action by the healthcare industry). YOUR TOPIC SHOULD BE VERY SPECIFIC AND NARROW IN SCOPE, MAKING IT A MORE FEASIBLE AND EFFECTIVE POLICY. AS NOTED ABOVE, THE ISSUE CANNOT BE ONE CURRENTLY BEING PROPOSED.

You will need to provide reference sources for this information.

B.Determine what kind of public policy your healthcare issue needs. From the textbook, and what you learned from the Week 2 lecture, identify whether the policy should be a distributive or regulatory policy, and why.

Part C: 4 double-spaced pages

C.Applying what you have learned in the class, produce a strategy for realizing your desire to have government address your health problem or concern. Your strategy will include the following:

1.How you plan to accomplish your desire to have government address your problem. This includes:

a. Identification of special interest groups NOT PART OF GOVERNMENT you will work with to get your issue/concern on the political agenda of policy makers in government.

b. Determination of how best to advocate/lobby for your issue to government policymakers, including to whom in government you will be targeting your lobbying efforts, and how you plan to get their attention and support.

C(1): 2 double-spaced pages

2.Draft a bill that outlines your issue (briefly) and what government should do.

Use the same format and template provided for the “Draft a Bill” homework assignment.

C(2): 2 single-spaced pages

The paper should be a total of 6 pages (not including title page and references) with 1” margins, 11pt font.

The concern will either address:

Nursing shortages


Medical testing on animals

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