Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Air Pollution Problems in Beijing. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Air Pollution Problems in Beijing. It needs to be at least 3000 words. From December 1998, a series of comprehensive emergency air pollution precautions and control strategies have been set in place for the Beijing Municipal government to improve or to result in significant progress in minimizing air pollution. For instance, the annual concentration of sulfur dioxide has decreased considerably from 120 g/m3 in 1998 to 50 g/m3 in 2005. This already meets the National Ambient air quality standards for China. It is currently being estimated that the anthropogenic emissions of sulfur dioxide in Beijing urban area reduced to 70% during the period. On the other hand, nitrogen oxide concentration and emissions are estimated to have decreased considerably, 15 and 16%, respectively. However, China remains the largest emitter of carbon dioxide (Leitte, Schlink, and Franck 125).

&nbsp.Beijing, China’s capital city, is an international metropolis with a vast population that is approximated to be slightly over 19 million. Air pollution is a significant and mutual concern for all urban residents in many big cities worldwide. As discussed above, particulate matter (PM) remains an air pollutant that mostly causes adverse health effects. PM10 and PM2.5 are the primary particulate matter pollutants. Particulate matter consisting of particles with aerodynamic diameters &lt.10 micrometers and &lt.2.5 micrometers, respectively. Some of the sources of PM10 include smoke dust and dirt from industries or factories, roads, farms, and molds, and pollen grains. On the other hand, PM2.5 is substantially associated with poisonous organic compounds. It also contains heavy metals from smelting and processing industries, burning plant materials, and forest fires (Leitte, Schlink, and Franck 125).

PM2.5 particles are more hazardous and a significant health threat to humans as compared to PM10 particles. Laboratory studies indicate that the smaller the particle, the easier and faster it is to lodge in the lungs. Studies have shown that particles can easily penetrate indoors. Thus, these particles can alter the home environment. hence residents can as well catch health complications from their home environment.

Additionally, the vegetation is also greatly affected by the acidic rainfall. To put the situation under control, the Beijing authority is abandoning coal plants and launching natural gas production for energy. The Beijing authority is also closing down the factories that emit toxic gasses into the atmosphere.&nbsp. Additionally, energy-efficient appliances and devices are being encouraged to replace those that consume the most energy. To successfully achieve these projects, China’s government is working in very close association with the UNEP.

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