Hello I need help on (1) PowerPoint Presentation and (2) Peer Evaluation Assessment homework

Hello I need help on (1) PowerPoint Presentation and (2) Peer Evaluation Assessment homework. YOU NEED

EVALUATE AN ESSAY AND FILL THESE TWO FORM. I HAVE ATTACH THE ESSAY (3-D Bio Printing), the PowerPoint Presentation and Peer Evaluation Assessment template. Bellow in details-Peer Evaluation Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation

For the Peer Evaluation Assessment and PowerPoint Presentation, you will read and respond to a fellow student’s paper by completing a written assessment and creating a PowerPoint presentation, with audio, that communicates a professional and considerate response. 

This is a five-step process.

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentPEER EVALUATION PRESENTATION ASSESSMENT FORM: TO BE USED TOEVALUATE YOUR TEAMMATE’S COURSE PAPERDIRECTIONS:1.Please use this form to evaluate your assigned peer’s final research paper according tothe criteria below.2.Specific information should be supplied for each item; that is,do notsimply answerYesorNo.3.This form can be downloaded and expanded to allow space for your report.4.This is a graded assignment.1. Evaluate your assigned classmate’s paper according to the following instructions:FORMAT:a.Were all required sections included?b. Were they clearly distinguished from one another?c. If not, were reasons given for not including some?FOR EACH SECTION:SOURCES:d. Were in-text references used?e. Were they properly formatted?f. Wereprimarysources used?g. Were they formatted properly?h. Were sources from ourtextbookused?i. Were they formatted properly?j. Were the length requirements observed?CONTENT:k. Did the paper have athesisandintroduction?l. Was itclearto you?m. Dideach sectionrelate to the thesis? Evaluateby section.n. If any of the sections did not apply to the paper, was a reason given?o. Was some form of quantitative reasoning used?p. If so, did it apply to the thesis?

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View the Answerq.Conclusion: did it accurately summarize the author’s argument?r. Was aWorks Citedpage included?s. Was it properly formatted?WRITING SKILLS:t. Evaluate the writing of the paper. The following includes all elements of writing:spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and clarity of expression.1. Excellent: Virtually error free2. Very good: Very few insignificant errors3. Good: Some errors; somewhat distracting4. Fair: Significant number of writing errors; distracting5. Poor: Unacceptable level of writing errors

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