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Use your research skills to develop a marketing plan. See below for the product details for 3M Company. Paper should be about 8 pages with at least 4 supporting references.Format in the APA style and be mindful of citations and references. Search for academic journals and google websites related to The 3M company to complete this task

Draft Competitor Analysis, Industry Analysis, Customer Analysis and SWOT Analysis (See below the instructions ) for the new product that’s being introduced in to market by 3M Company

This is what I am looking for:

Competitor Analysis
Information about all major competitors or strategic groups is thoroughly and clearly reported. Source(s) of the information is provided. Any information that is considered to be important to know, but that has not been obtained with reasonable effort is identified.

Industry Analysis

Porters Five Forces Model

Customer Analysis
Information about customers is thoroughly and clearly reported. The source of data is clearly reported (i.e., secondary or primary data, company information or new data collected for the development of this plan. If new data has been collected, the method of collection, including sample size, description of sample, and data collection instrument is provided. Any information that is considered to be important to know, but that has not been obtained with reasonable effort is identified.

SWOT Analysis
A thorough SWOT analysis is provided, based on the preceding analyses. Reasoning for each item in the SWOT is provided and logical. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly internal factors, and opportunities and threats are clearly external factors.


The Ready Medi Mask presents an extraordinary advancement in medical precautionary masks. The Ready Medi Mask makes it easy for users to know the time for replacement. Directions for standard masks includes replacement as soon as the mask is damp. This vague and subjective instruction makes it possible for wearers to overuse common masks past the proper phase of effectiveness or to discard their masks too early, leading to inefficient use of resources. The Ready Medi Mask alerts the wearer as to exactly when replacement is necessary based on a clear change of color. Simply wear the mask while it is white and replace it once it turns purple. The Ready Medi Mask presents health care practitioners, first responders, hospitals, and health-conscience individuals a revolutionary opportunity in the next generation of single-use masks.

To be clear, the Ready Medi Mask does not last longer, nor protect more aggressively than standard masks. To stand above competitors, the Ready Medi Mask takes the guess-work out of when to discard and replace. Eliminating this key aspect of human error in single-use masks will not only save health care organizations money, it might just make the difference between life and death in uncertain times of respiratory disease.


Priced at just a fraction above standard protective masks, the Ready Medi Mask is sure to pay for itself through it’s more efficient use and waste reduction. The small increase in price becomes advantageous for organizations and individuals because the Ready Medi Mask will last longer per use than masks which are discarded too soon. Additionally, sales of the Ready Medi Mask will soon outnumber sales of standard protective masks because of the clear medical advantage of its easy-to-use design. The Ready Medi Mask offers superior protection when it counts the most.

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