help in statistic assignment that needs SPSS program

I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

You’ll analyze two data sets in SPSS:


1. Perform a multiple regression analysis, make a correlation table, provide descriptives (i.e., means, standard deviations)

2. Perform logistic regression analysis, make a correlation table, provide descriptives. Also, compare means across disease states.

3. What do you know based on this data? Demonstrate your understanding of what is happening.

You will also analyze the data I have attached. Import your data into SPSS. And tell me the following:

Which two friends have the strongest correlation with each other? The weakest?

Who should Captain Planet trust the most? The least?

Produce a correlation table, a descriptives table, and a regression analysis consisting of all five Planeteers’ ratings as independent variables.

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