hepatitis questions

Hello please answer questions below no apa required but only in text citations.

1. The new direct acting anti-viral agents available to treat Hepatitis C hold the promise of cure for the vast majority of patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C. There are a number of potential barriers, however, to seeing this realized. While insurance coverage for these agent is improving, cost remains a significant barrier for many patients.

For your post, research avenues to help your patients overcome this barrier. Search for advocacy groups, patient assistance programs, and assistance offered directly from the pharmaceutical companies who make these drugs. Post a link to your classmates for a resource you found and summarize what is provided by this resource

2.Write up a brief summary of each type of hepatitis and one risk involved with each type of hepatitis and who it impacts. (a couple of lines nothing fancy),

3. Explore the CDC website regarding hepatitis and 500 words summary of the website. Include two facts that you found interesting regarding any type of hepatitis. Please note where you found your facts in your summary in text citation.


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