Here are the instructions for Part B of Project 1. I have uploaded a larger print for the Hampl reading.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

Here are the instructions for Part B of Project 1. I have uploaded a larger print for the Hampl reading.

Component B

Write a 2-3-page letter to Patricia Hampl, business letter format, single spaced, responding to her article about writing a memoir. How does your experience writing your own memoir validate/question/challenge her claims in “Memory and Imagination”? As you write this letter, you will discuss your own experience as an author of a memoir and cite short quotes from your memoir as evidence for your claims. When you write the letter, consider carefully what Hampl says about the difference between the narrative self and the reflective self in relation to your own project. Include 2 quotes from the Hampl reading and 2 quotes from your memoir. First person is allowed. No Works Cited page. It is OK to disagree with Hampl, just stay respectful.

Criteria for Evaluation:

• Does your letter demonstrate that you have understood (not necessarily agreed with) Hampl’s ideas?

• Have you utilized your memoir in a way so that appropriate details are presented for this new writing situation?

• Is the language of your letter clear (i.e. easily accessible to the readers), concrete, and appropriate to your purpose (i.e., responding to the author’s claims about memoir)?

• Do you avoid clichés and stilted sentence structures and phrasing?

• Are your grammar problems few enough and insignificant enough that they don’t get in the way of understanding? For instance, is your letter presented in complete sentences? Are subject-verb, pronoun, and verb tense agreement errors rare? Are spelling errors infrequent?

  • Do not mention that you are a student, SDSU, and/or that this is homework. You are a peer that has also written a memoir.

I know it is not due until later this week, but here are some of the questions I have received so far:

“What do we do for an address for Hampl?” Google her, her address is available.

“Does it have to be in the format of a letter?” Yes, I will be grading according to the example of a Business letter in the back of the reader.

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